About Us

We, Asmi International Pvt. Ltd. are passionate about helping people live healthier lives through the responsible use of herbs/ medicinal plants. We are an independent, research and manufacturing establishment dedicated to providing accurate and reliable products for consumers.

Our Management and Staff are committed to providing our clients with the most reliable, and qualitative herbal products based on modern science and traditional wisdom like Ayurveda. Our Products are entering to market after a briefed analysis. We want to provide our clients with reliable products that can help them in their personal life, including making more beautiful and healthier life through the responsible use of plant-based products. For professionals in beauty/ cosmetic fields, we would like to help them to understand how herbs and related plant-based products can fit into their professional practice or client oriented service.

Right from starting our company has been engaged in manufacturing and exporting herbal products all over the world. The people who are using chemical hair dyes are the victims of health hazards like cancer and many more. This information makes us to work   on the safe and effective use of herbs in this field. Thus we started to make 100% Natural hair colors which are safe and healthier. Besides this we prepared many more hair care and cosmetic products to fulfill our mission.

Our Vision

Make the world more beautiful by the help of herbal products as an accepted manner with the conscious in healthcare.

Our Mission

Provide superior quality herbal products using science-based and traditional information to promote responsible use of herbal beauty and hair care products for a hazard less life.

From our headquarters at Delhi the capital of INDIA we are managing our company. But we established our Factory setup 28 Miles away from our Head Office to make a pollution free atmosphere in manufacturing setups. While setting up our manufacturing infrastructure we kept utmost care in cleanliness, quality measures and many more. We are honored and certified with ISO, WHO-GMP, and Organic (ECOCERT) etc. Each and every day we are in search for a chance in new improvement of our products and infrastructure.