KESHVEDA Hair Conditioner

KESHVEDA Hair Conditioner is a combination of Cassia Obovata with rare Herbs like Amla, Brahmi, Bhringaraj, etc.  It is a high effective hair conditioner and it makes the hair glossy and gives nourishment to hair and scalp.


  • Take specified quantity of KESHVEDA Hair Conditioner in a bowl (Quantity depends upon the length of your hair).
  • Then add sufficient water to make the paste.  Mix well by using a spoon/whisk.
  • Apply the paste all over the hair from root to end with a brush. You can also use hand grouse if required.
  • Keep the paste on hair for 1 -2 hours. You can also use shower cap for comfort and easy engagement on other routine works.
  • Wash the hair with normal water to remove the paste from hair


Neutral Henna Powder, Amla Fruit Powder, Shikakai  Fruit Powder, Jatamansi plant powder, Bhringaraj Plant Powder, Bahera Fruit Powder, Brahmi plant Powder, Gotu kola plant powder, Neem leaves Powder, Shoe flower, Vetiver Root Powder

Required Quantity For Various Length of Hair:

  • 50 gm for very short hair especially for men
  • 100 gm for short hair
  • 150 gm for Collar length hair
  • 200 gm for shoulder length hair
  • 300 gm for waist length hair