KESHVEDA Pure Indigo Powder

Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria) bears the common name True Indigo. The plant is a subtropical shrub one to two meters high and is the original source of Indigo Dye. The plant is also widely grown as a soil-improving groundcover. It may be an annual, biennial, or perennial, depending on the climate in which it is grown. It has light green pinnate leaves and sheaves of pink or violet flowers.
The Indigo Leaves are used to make hair dye as well as to prepare medicated hair oil. The product is entirely herbal and safe on the skin and has many medical properties.


  • Mix desired amount of KESHVEDA Indigo leaves powder with lukewarm water in a bowl to make it a paste.  (Quantity of KESHVEDA Indigo leaves powder may vary, depends upon the length of hair)
  • Immediately apply the paste on your scalp and hair roots in circular motions, completely coating all hair down to the roots and leave it for about 2 – 3 hours. (Use a brush and Comb or gloves for application)
  • Rinse hair thoroughly until water runs clear.
  • Do not use Shampoo or Soap until 48 Hours.
Your hair color may settle in 24 to 48 Hours.
Color result may vary from person to person and it also depends on existing hair colors.
Always apply the KESHVEDA Indigo paste  on dirt and oil free hair.